Thursday | Marcia Tazioli

Class Temp:Hot  9:30 - 10:30

A challenging class of low impact, H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) which uses Pilates principles, mindfulness, and heat to strengthen your whole body safely while furiously burning calories and boosting metabolism!

This accessible and uplifting class is the perfect way to pause and refresh at the end of the day. Led by Zoe Rose Wolf, students will learn practical techniques to deepen their mind, body, and spirit connection.

Expect to get super sweatyyet feel exhilaration in our Hot Power yoga classes. This detoxing, rigorous yet accessible practice is unique in that each instructor brings his or her own interpretation of a heated practice. Hot Power classes incorporate traditional yoga postures combined with total body strength, flexibility, and awareness. This class is practiced at a temperature of 95 degrees or higher.



Marcia opened Shri Yoga Center in October, 2011 with the intention of creating the kind of studio in which she herself would like to practice—one with the best teachers, a beautiful, clean, new space, and lots of positive energy. In her classes, Marcia likes to focus on developing deep core strength, toning and strengthening the lower body, increasing flexibility and stability, and improving alignment. Marcia wants each student to feel energized, uplifted, strong, and relaxed after her classes. To help keep her classes fun and exciting, Marcia arranges a new upbeat playlist and new creative core strength sequence every week.

After graduating from Northwestern University, where she studied art history, Marcia became a certified personal trainer. Her passion for health soon led her to yoga and to become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with the Yoga Alliance—an accreditation she has held for 15 years. Through a combination of completing three 200-hour yoga teacher training programs, yoga workshops, and committed daily practice, Marcia has come to understand and to appreciate a wide variety of approaches to yoga, which helps her to better serve the individual needs of each of her students. She describes the style of yoga she teaches as a challenging flow that is still accessible for most practitioners.

Marcia is from Highland Park and currently lives in Wilmette with her husband Thaddeus and their toddler son, Teddy.

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